Raydean Road

New detached house


The owner was keen to obtain planning permission for a detached house on his side garden. It was in the shade, so the family spent little time there. It made sense to use it for building rather than recreational use.


As the existing row of houses were of listed status, our architects worked closely with a heritage consultant to borrow as many features from neighbouring houses as possible. The idea was to create something a little different that would not look out of place in an area of architectural interest.


As the house was a little narrow, we wanted to make sure the living areas and bedrooms received as much light as possible.  This was achieved by installing floor-to-ceiling glass at the rear, which made those rooms feel bright and airy. The front of the house matched perfectly with the surrounding listed buildings whilst the back was light, modern and pleasing to the eye. The client loved our combination of old with new to give a house that was very individual and attractive.

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