Catley Close 

Ground floor rear extension


So much of modern architecture is about maximising natural light. Luckily, with modern materials and building trends, this is possible in so many ways. This client wanted to use a modern extension to extend their main living space, and to bring in as much natural light as possible. They also specified, somewhat uniquely, that the entire extension was to be made of glass. 


Our solution was quite simple. With modern glass being so strong and versatile, we were able to create a simple, clean glass extension. Its grace and quality were enhanced by its crisp lines, making it as beautiful as it was functional; the final result was an open living space entirely connected with the outdoors.


We were particularly pleased with two aspects if this build. The first was the way in which we incorporated the guttering (an inclusion dictated by planning permission) into the design so that it was entirely hidden from view and didn’t impact the visual impact at all. The second was the juxtaposition between the unfussy glass extension and the original Grade II listed building; the visual was breath-taking, and a finish with which we were immensely pleased.

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