Randolph Avenue

Ground floor infill extension in a conservation area


This project proves that anything is possible. Even if you live in a flat with tight planning restrictions, we can still create a living space that fits the client’s needs perfectly. The client, in this case, asked us to reconfigure and repurpose their ground floor flat to create more living space.

Appealing Planning Permission

We were able to do more than reconfigure the space. With a carefully considered planning application, we were able to get the go ahead on a generous rear extension. Enormous windows and skylights as large as the structure would allow made for a generously lit living space, perfect for everything from studying and exercising, to entertaining and relaxing.


Our proudest moment, as far as this project went, came when we told the client that we would be able to extend into the garden. They thought it very unlikely that planning permission would be granted, and so were elated when we informed them that we had managed to design an incredible extension which the planners were happy with.

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