Planning Permission

The Planning Permission Stage Explained

Our team of in house planning consultants work with our architects to make sure all your design ideas meet all the relevant planning policies.

What makes us unique is that all our planners have previously worked for local authorities and have a very good understanding of how the planning system works in practice.

There are two main options when it comes to the planning stage…


If your proposal qualifies as ’permitted development’ and therefore doesn’t require planning permission, we would still submit a Lawful Development Certificate to the planning department for peace of mind. This confirms that your proposed extensions meet all the Permitted Development requirements.


For designs that do not qualify as a permitted development, we will need to submit a ‘Householder Planning Application’. This process requires us to demonstrate that your proposed extensions meet all relevant planning policies.

Our expert planning consultants can assess which option your designs fall under and have extensive experience of both processes. We manage the entire planning process and give your application the best possible chance of being approved, meaning you can start construction without unnecessary delay.

Who is involved?

Planning Permission Consultant

Your dedicated planning consultant will manage the entire planning process for you and provide regular progress updates.


Local Authority Planning Officer

Once the application is validated your local authority will assign a planning officer. Your planning consultant will liaise with this officer on your behalf for the duration of the process.

How long does the planning permission take?

Preparing your application:

1 day


7 – 14 days


Your neighbours have 3 weeks to comment on your application after validation. Once the application has been validated, a decision should be issued within 8 weeks.

How much does the planning permission cost?

Survey & Planning Permission Packages

Our survey & planning packages start from £800.00 and include a full set of existing and proposed plans. However, the price of each project depends  on the complexity and scale of the proposed design.


Local Authority fees

Local Authority fees typically range from £100.00 – £250.00.

Why choose Adara?

Industry Experience

The planning process can be complex, and success can depend on any number of factors. With our team’s experience of working alongside and within local authority planning departments, our success rate is extremely high.


Manage your application

Adara manages the entire planning application on your behalf.


The Process

Your planning consultant will complete all the forms and submit the application on your behalf.

Once submitted to the Planning Portal, you will receive a payment link for the application fee.

Your local authority will download the plans and reports that we have submitted on your behalf. They will review these documents to ensure that the correct plans and forms have been submitted.

A case officer with sufficient capacity will then be assigned to your application.

At this stage, your neighbours will be informed of your application, and will have up to 3 weeks to make any comments.

Your case officer will review the submitted plans to ensure they adhere to all the relevant planning policies.

The application's success will be determined approximately eight weeks after validation.

Congratulations! The plans for your dream home have been approved. There is only one more stage to go before you can start building.

The building regulations stage is there to ensure that your new extensions adhere to all the relevant British Standards. Our team of experienced architects are on hand to help you navigate the process.


Now that the plans for your home have been approved, find out about Planning Permission

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