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Totteridge Village

A new modern detached glass house


What the client wanted

The client was keen to create a home that was comfortable, stylish and eco friendly in equal measure. The client hopes to expand their family in the future, meaning that both indoor and outdoor space was an incredibly important consideration right from the start of this project. This property needed to be suitable for family, entertaining and running a business all at the same time.

Our creative solution

Our angular design for this property looks stunning. We used a huge amount of glass in the design, minimising the amount of space that was taken up by solid walls. This means that the clients can enjoy looking at their stunning grounds from wherever they are in the house, giving them chance to appreciate every season as it arrives. Taking the decision to build to three storeys allowed us to keep as much of the outdoor space as possible, without compromising on the space inside the property.

Our favourite features

We love the use of glass in this property, in the way that it allows light into every inch of the building. We wanted to edge towards open plan as much as possible with the design, allowing our clients to feel comfortable in a spacious and airy home. Being able to see straight into the gardens is a huge bonus to our design, and one that is sure to add to the enjoyment of the property.

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