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Oakleigh Park South

Ground and first floor rear extension. Loft conversion.


What the client wanted

This project offers another prime example of where the client had asked for us to find inventive ways to boost the property’s market value.

Our creative solution

When it comes to increasing market value, we always like to check in with local agents, to see what the property trends are in the area. With this project, the advice was that the properties should benefit from larger bedrooms. Extend the bedrooms we did, but we didn’t stop there. We also, with the help of a two-storey extension and basement, added an additional bedroom, a cinema, and a gym, all topped off with a lightwell that ran from roof to basement.

Our favourite features

When looking for a new house, it’s pretty hard not to be enticed by a home that comes with its own gym and cinema. We were incredibly pleased to hear that these additions helped the clients to sell their property on for significantly more than they had been aiming for.

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