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Church Way

A new modern detached house


What the client wanted

Our client wanted to make the most of every inch of their space, with a property with a really modern feel. They were keen to ensure that there was easy access to their outdoor space, while also creating a spacious dining area that their growing family would be able to enjoy together.

Our creative solution

We successfully secured planning permission for a two storey building, with plenty of room above the dining area. The clients were thrilled as this went beyond their expectations, providing them with bonus space on the first floor. We used folding doors to open the living space into the garden, meaning that the space can be adapted for various types of social gatherings, and depending on the weather. We made sure that the windows on the upper part of the extension were as large as possible, to allow maximum light into the property.

Our favourite features

The folding doors are the winners in our eyes here. You will see that there are two separate seating areas – one inside and one outside – but once the doors are open they gel together perfectly. This is exactly what we aimed for when we created our designs. We wanted our clients to be able to really enjoy the space they had, both indoors and outdoors, while also having the option of closing the doors to create a cosy interior. This means that summer or winter, our clients have exactly the space they need.

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